Maxx Crosby Talks With Julian Edelman On New Rule

April 11, 2024

Athlete Studio

The NFL has recently implemented a new rule aimed at curbing the use of a controversial defensive maneuver known as the "hip-drop tackle." This technique involves a defender wrapping around the waist of a ball carrier and twisting while bringing them down, and it has now been designated as a 15-yard penalty for any player caught executing it on the field. The decision to enforce this penalty comes in the wake of an injury sustained by Baltimore Ravens tight end Mark Andrews during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals, where he was tackled using this method by linebacker Logan Wilson.

The topic of the hip-drop tackle was further explored in a recent episode of "The Rush with Maxx Crosby," a podcast hosted by Las Vegas Raiders star defensive end Maxx Crosby. His guest, former NFL wide receiver Julian Edelman, shared insights into the evolving dynamics of tackling in the league.

Reflecting on his own experience as an offensive player, Edelman questioned the feasibility of alternative tackling techniques, remarking, “How are you going to tackle, dude?” He expressed concern over the potential for injuries, particularly noting instances from his later years in the league where he reviewed game footage and realized the risk he faced as a receiver going over the middle.

Edelman also pointed out a shift in defensive strategies, citing the absence of dominant defensive units like the famed Seattle Seahawks "Legion of Boom." He observed a decline in the pursuit of big hits among defensive backs, attributing it to concerns about fines and emphasizing that interceptions, not tackles, are the primary metrics for success in today's game.

Moreover, Edelman acknowledged the players' role in shaping the current state of the game, suggesting that their acceptance of financial compensation from team owners has indirectly contributed to safety measures being imposed by the league. He emphasized the need for accountability among players, stating, “We can go out and sue the damn owners for all of the head stuff," highlighting the complex dynamics at play between players, owners, and league regulations.

As the NFL implements penalties for the hip-drop tackle, the impact of this ruling on gameplay and player safety remains a subject of interest and observation as the season progresses.

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