Maxx Crosby Undergoes Surgery on Hand Injury

February 05, 2024

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The Las Vegas Raiders have an undeniable force on their defensive line - none other than the superstar edge-rusher, Maxx Crosby. Crosby recently took to Instagram to inform his fans about his recent right hand surgery. This comes on the heels of a knee surgery just two weeks ago, marking a pretty busy off-season for this formidable player.

However, despite battling a bursa injury throughout this past season, Crosby's productivity never wavered. His relentless performance and unyielding spirit have made him one of the finalists for the coveted title of Defensive Player of the Year.

Adding to his third Pro Bowl nod, Crosby's impressive stats tell a tale of determination and skill. His 2021 record boasts 90 tackles, with 23 of those resulting in loss. These numbers propelled him to the top of the NFL, leading the league in tackles for loss. Add to this his 14.5 sacks, 31 quarterback hits, two forced fumbles, two passes defensed, and a fumble recovery over the course of 17 games, and you've got a player who is nothing short of a defensive powerhouse.

As Peter King of Pro Football Talk highlighted, Crosby is as effective stopping the run as he is breaking through the offensive line. His stats show a whopping 42 run stops and 18 run stuffs. Moreover, he played every snap in 10 Raider games this year - a feat only accomplished by four other players.

But Crosby's ambition extends beyond his individual stats. He's not just out there to enhance his own records. He's out there to win. In an early January interview, Crosby expressed his dissatisfaction with making the playoffs only once in his five-year tenure. He's hungry for success, stability, and most importantly, victory. His desire for consistent performance and team success is evident, and there's no doubt that Crosby will continue to be a dominant force in the NFL.

With Crosby maintaining his health and continuing to deliver his high-level performance, the Raiders have a strong chance at success. As one of the league's most feared edge-rushers, Crosby is undoubtedly a key player to watch in the coming season.

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