Maxx Crosby Talks New Head Coach's Mindset

March 21, 2024

Athlete Studio

Maxx Crosby, the standout player for the Las Vegas Raiders, recently shared insights into the mindset of the team's new head coach, Antonio Pierce, as they gear up for the 2024 season.

Following a successful interim stint as head coach last season, Pierce was officially appointed as the Raiders' permanent head coach.

During an episode of The Rush With Maxx Crosby podcast, Crosby emphasized the confidence instilled by Pierce, stating, "Antonio gives the guys confidence when you have a coach who truly believes, it's infectious. Without that, we don't go into Kansas City on Christmas Day and win. We knew we would go in there and win. Everyone outside the Raiders' organization thought we would lose that game. We never hesitated. And having a coach like that, AP is as real as they come."

Crosby also highlighted the positive atmosphere fostered by Pierce in the Raiders' locker room, noting, "We come into the building, and the attitude is to have fun. We're having fun; that's what football is. It's a kid's game. And if we're not having fun, then why do it?"

These remarks shed light on Pierce's impact on the team, emphasizing his ability to instill confidence and create a enjoyable environment conducive to success.

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