Maxx Crosby supports Antonio Pierce for Raiders’ head-coaching job

January 29, 2024

Athlete Studio

In the wake of the Raiders' latest search for a new head coach, star defensive end Maxx Crosby is making a strong case for keeping the interim coach, Antonio Pierce.

Crosby, in a recent conversation with Paul Gutierrez of, ardently expressed his belief in Pierce's capabilities. "There’s only 32 [NFL] head coaches in the whole world. So you’ve got to find a leader of men. And when you’ve got one of them in the building currently, I don’t know why you would let them go,” he stated. Crosby's faith in Pierce is evident, and he argues that the right person for the job may already be in their midst.

Earlier this week, another voice joined Crosby's in supporting Pierce. Receiver Davante Adams also expressed his approval of the interim coach. This growing support within the team could potentially influence the Raiders' decision.

However, the team's owner, Mark Davis, is caught in a predicament. Two years ago, he chose not to retain interim coach Rich Bisaccia despite the team's successful run to the playoffs and a near-win against the Bengals. This could, theoretically, make Davis more inclined to not repeat his previous mistake.

Adding another layer of complexity to the situation is the potential candidacy of Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh. Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal has drawn preliminary connections that could see Harbaugh return to the Raiders, where his coaching career originally started in 2002. The association of agent Don Yee, Tom Brady, and the Raiders could imply a significant change or could amount to nothing. It's a balancing act for Davis, weighing the possibility of hiring Harbaugh against the chance of Harbaugh joining the Chargers instead.

As the Raiders embark on this crucial search, it's clear that Crosby and his teammates will be paying close attention. Only time will tell if the Raiders will heed Crosby's advice, or if they'll seek a new direction with a different head coach.

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