Maxx Crosby Still Cherishes Fans In Oakland

February 21, 2024

Athlete Studio

Four years may have passed since the Las Vegas Raiders transitioned from Oakland, but for star defensive end Maxx Crosby, the memory of the lively atmosphere remains fresh and unforgettable. While speaking on his podcast, 'The Rush', Crosby shared his nostalgia for the boisterous “Black Hole” fan section in Oakland, expressing a deep sense of longing.

"I was just talking about this today," Crosby mused, "Someone asked me if I had ever played for the Oakland Raiders. I told them I could never forget that year. It had its highs and lows, but the fans... the fans were truly something else."

Before his stint with the Raiders, Crosby was accustomed to the relatively modest crowds at his college games at Eastern Michigan. The contrasting energy in Oakland was a real eye-opener for him. He recalled his awe at the passionate support during a home game against the Denver Broncos.

"People were going all out. There were objects flying onto the field and fans tumbling out of the stands. It was wild," Crosby reminisced. "By the fourth quarter, you could feel this electric buzz through the entire stadium. I looked around, and my teammates were like, 'Welcome to Oakland.' It was legendary. I have nothing but love for Oakland."

Maxx Crosby was still a rookie in 2019, the year the Raiders waved goodbye to Oakland. Despite the team's less-than-stellar 7–9 record, the memory of the “Black Hole” fan section left a lasting impression on him. When it comes to the unforgettable spirit of Oakland, Crosby is clearly still a fan.

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