Maxx Crosby Says He's Coming for Patrick Mahomes

March 14, 2024

Athlete Studio

Antonio Pierce, the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, is on a mission to restore his team to its former glory within the fiercely competitive AFC West division. Drawing inspiration from the legendary "Jordan rules" employed by the Detroit Pistons to contain basketball icon Michael Jordan, Pierce is contemplating implementing similar tactics dubbed "Mahomes rules" to counter the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs.

During a recent press conference, defensive standout Maxx Crosby shed light on the team's prospective strategy under the proposed "Mahomes rules." Embracing an unabashedly aggressive approach, Crosby made it clear that this game plan wouldn't be reserved solely for matchups against the Chiefs but would be applied against all adversaries facing the formidable quarterback.

"At the end of the day, if we want to win, we got to take him down," Crosby asserted. "So we're not shy about that. He knows every time I play him, and every time I see him, I'm trying to ruin his day. So that goes for everybody."

Crosby's unwavering determination to disrupt Mahomes' rhythm underscores the Raiders' commitment to relentless competition. While the intensity may seem daunting, Crosby clarified that their approach is rooted in competitiveness rather than malice, emphasizing their collective focus on playing with precision and speed.

As the Raiders gear up for the season ahead, their objectives extend beyond defensive scheming. With instability plaguing the quarterback position since Derek Carr's departure, Pierce is acutely aware of the urgency to address this concern in the upcoming offseason.

Speaking at the NFL combine, Pierce underscored the significance of leadership and resilience in a quarterback. "I just want a leader," Pierce emphasized. "I want a guy that can lead, that wants to compete. I want a guy that's not afraid of a challenge because this is a big challenge that we have in front of us."

Pierce's emphasis on finding a proven winner reflects the Raiders' determination to overcome adversity and forge a path to success in the seasons ahead.

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