Maxx Crosby Fired Up For Antonio Pierce as HC

February 08, 2024

Athlete Studio

In the midst of their season, the Las Vegas Raiders made a significant shift, releasing Josh McDaniels from his head coaching duties and appointing Antonio Pierce in his stead for the season's remainder. The decision quickly proved fruitful, with Pierce demonstrating a 5-4 record as the interim head coach and leading the Raiders to finish the season 8-9, despite the odds.

Three-time Pro Bowler, Maxx Crosby, expressed his enthusiasm about the new leadership to Fox News Digital. Crosby voiced his respect for Pierce, lauding him as a "true leader" and a figure of unanimous respect in the locker room.

"When you get a coach who is a bona fide leader, it's not hard to show up to work and have a good time," Crosby passionately shared. He went on to explain that despite the seriousness of the job, Pierce insists on keeping the energy high and the game fun, which speaks volumes to the players.

The head coach's philosophy seems to be about achieving a balance between seriousness and fun, maintaining great energy, and ensuring all players are on the same wavelength. According to Crosby, this philosophy is not only attracting the right type of guys to the team but it's also helping to elevate the team's performance to the next level.

In his conversation with Fox News Digital, Crosby also highlighted the team's need to bolster its game finishing strategy. He mentioned that while the Raiders plan to address certain aspects during free agency and the draft, the team has already begun implementing their unique brand of football.

"We've started to bring back the Raiders' style of football, the bad boys, and I believe we've started that," Crosby said confidently.

Known for his strong leadership, Crosby aims to rally his teammates to be their authentic selves on the field. He believes in the power of trusting one's body, techniques, and the work invested during the offseason. He champions this alongside Pierce, further illustrating why Antonio Pierce's reign as head coach has been warmly welcomed by players like Maxx Crosby.

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